This Superior Method CAN Teach You Singing!

Superior Singing Method -taught by Aaron AnastasiIn the quest to better your voice as a singer, you may have come across the Superior Singing Method, a program that has created a buzz in the music industry recently. Whether an amateur with a passion for singing, an individual emulating his or her role model, a prospective professional singer, or just someone seeking to become a better vocalist for personal reasons, the program claims to work wonders in significantly improving your vocal prowess as a singer. I have comprehensively researched, and compiled some facts about the program that will assist you in making an informed decision as to whether it is worth your while.

About The Superior Singing Method Program

The Superior Singing Method is best described as an online course or program that aims to improve someone’s voice for the purpose of singing. Created by Aaron Anastasi, the program has been used by thousands of participants ranging from world renowned artists in the music industry, to ordinary individuals with ambitions in singing. According to its creator, one does not need to have a prior background in singing. Whether a beginner or a veteran singer, the program was intended to develop your singing gift or radically change your gravelly singing voice into a heavenly, and well balanced singing voice. The training helps expand the vocal muscles that are the basis for poor pitch, enabling you to easily control your voice even in the extreme ends of your vocal range. In addition, the program will assist you in ascertaining your unique singing tone and train you on how to make the best use of that voice when singing. In the end, you will be able to use a tone that is only yours in a rich, flawless and pleasant-sounding manner.

According to the program outline, you will be able to eliminate tension, solidify your vocal muscles, and enhance your vocal resonance within a short period of time, by following some basic tips, and utilizing simple techniques developed by Aaron Anastasi in just eight weeks. The program is conveniently divided into eight training modules that are easy to follow. Every module takes interest in a particular area of vocal training, with a promise of drastically changing or improving your voice in 60 days. Here is a short summary of the modules:

Review Of Superior Singing Method:

First module: This is an introduction to the overall course containing a summary of the exercises and lessons. It is therefore paramount to watch the video. This lesson will entail the proper ways to create a schedule and timetable for vocal training purposes. In addition, you will learn skills to correctly warm-up your voice in preparation for singing. It is advisable to patiently follow this initial step because it will support your efforts in the next ones that follow. Skipping any of the steps may be counterproductive.

Second module: Here, you will gain useful tips and practices on how to achieve better control of your breathing. This module is scheduled for the second week of the course, and will help you better manage your breathing when singing. You will learn five different workouts as you continue to practice with the skills acquired during the first week.

Third module: the main aim of this training module is tonal improvement. You will learn how to properly use the soft palate to enhance your tone. If you have any nasal cavity problems while singing, this lesson will teach you how to eliminate the problem with a few techniques. Your vocal range may be affected by such complications since the nose has its natural resonation. If your voice sounds like you may have this difficulty, this program will teach you how to overcome the problem during the third week of the course.

Fourth module: For vocalists, natural talent is vital to them as much as it is to the listeners. In the fourth week of the course, you will learn the importance of pitch when singing. This is a crucial part of the training as you will learn how to sing seamlessly in a perfect pitch. Muscle memory, sliding and, mumbling while talking are just but a few lessons in this module. Among other things, for example, you will learn that you are most likely to go off pitch when singing if you mumble while you talk. Techniques to deal with this and more obstacles are offered during the fourth week.

Fifth module: In this module, great skills to achieve a powerful and resonant voice are revealed. One does not necessarily have to sing in a loud volume to have a powerful voice. Singing while putting your voice out there captures the listeners’ attention, a skill achieved through accurate tongue placement and mouth reverberation to create resonance, and a powerful voice. This module is very detailed and so more practice will be required. Aaron will guide you through the lesson and, offer explanations as to why each exercise is crucial.

Sixth module: During the sixth week, emphasis will be placed towards learning how to mix various vocal styles, diverse vocal techniques, and most importantly, singing high notes. You will learn how to sing with your chest, sing with your head and, how to blend the two singing voices together in harmony. You will learn how to transition seamlessly from one voice to another as done by seasoned singers. This is where it becomes encouraging since, the lessons will have made noticeable improvements to your vocal skills.

Seventh module: In this lesson, you will acquire basic skills in vocal agility. This is the ability to transition from one note to another while singing, without cracking your voice. Practiced in combination with the previously learned skills, you will be able to hit the right notes and, in a perfect manner. It is all about mastering the various notes correctly and, doing vocal runs. The program will offer this workout in week seven as you draw near to the conclusion of the training.

Eighth module: At this point, your singing voice should be well improved and superb. As this is the last lesson in the main course outline, you will be given advanced vocal skills to help make your voice even more powerful and resonant. Techniques to strengthen your voice are outlined in this section and diligent practice is encouraged too. Among things you will learn at this point will be vibrato, falsetto and, firming up the head and chest voice.

Supplemental modules: In addition to the content in the main course, the program offers additional modules. Among lessons in the bonus modules, you will learn how to be an exceptional live performer by utilizing techniques to overcome stage fright and, confidence building. Also, lessons on marketing your music are offered, with tips on how to make a living through your music offered. You will also be privy to training material in the superior high notes manual, containing nine video tutorials and a PDF manual.

After thoroughly going through the Aaron Anastasi’s program, there are a few advantages and disadvantages that came up and would help in deciding if you would want to take part in the training.

Benefits of the Superior Singing Method

The lessons are very easy to understand and are divided into eight modules, each covered in one week. The modules are in basic step-by-step guidelines that can be followed straightforwardly by anyone.

The program is highly versatile since you don’t have to be confined to a single location to get the training. One can store the exercises contained in the course onto portable devices such as tablets, laptops or mobile phones, meaning lessons can be attended while on the go.

As an online course, you will not have to wait for intakes or shipment of training material since they are available online. After purchasing, you will be able to download all the training material including the bonus modules.

Since it is time saving, you will be able to achieve your goals faster. After making the payment, it is entirely up to you to make the best time usage as fits your schedule.

The program is more affordable than taking actual voice training lessons. A one-time payment to purchase the superior singing program is much cheaper than a 30-minute lesson from an actual voice coach that would cost about $35 to $45.

Also, the program offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel that your voice is still the same after this time, your money will be refunded 100%, although the refund rate is almost nonexistent due to satisfied participants.

Negatives of the Superior Singing Method

In the same manner as the professional singers, you will have to stick to a certain diet that will not affect your voice. Certain foods and lifestyle choices have to be abandoned or changed to achieve top results.

The fact that it is a digitized lesson, does not sit well with some people. Certain people tend to prefer a personal touch, and actual live interactions with a human coach instead of the digital material offered.

The course requires a lot of discipline especially when following the timetable and, meeting schedules. The fact that there is no one to supervise your lessons makes it more challenging to achieve the goals.

Having done thorough research, the program has a lot of advantages and goes a long way in saving both time and money. The creator, Aaron Anastasi, has worked with seasoned vocalists who have benefited from his skills and talent. The Superior Singing Method is affordable, flexible, and well detailed to address anyone’s needs as an actual vocal coach would, hence, making it perfect for singers and soon-to-be singers as well.